User Friendly Website


Checking out at the moment and I find them very user friendly! The website is catchy with lots of nice colour and theme . Not to mentioned that its categorized their product very systematically! Not bad! Like it as for me who do not have much time nowadays, its very easy for me to check out what I want to find in just a simple few click!

I don’t really like some of those “high tech” website with lots of flash and thing moving as normally those website will takes lots of time loading! Hate it!

MY Everday Routine


Its been a very busy year for me!

Just look at my everyday routine , I think you will faint!

3.00am – Hit the sack
7.30am – wake up my eldest for his school. Then try to catch up some sleep again
8.30am – wake up at again and rush to work at 9.00am. Before that, I need to settled with the younger one as well!
12.30pm- I need to move my butt out from the office and fetch my elder one then proceed back home to cook for my younger one =.=” and then feed him and then only we go out for lunch!

3.00pm – I need to step back into the office and starts finishing my ever finish workload!
6.00pm – time to go back if i can finish my work..otherwise i will be staying in the office until 7.30pm and then rush back home again to go dinner with them..

9.30pm- go back home, play with them, bath and then let them sleep..and my work continue..until 3 in the morning..and the routine will go on everyday..

so what is your daily routine look like?

Little-D New Accordion


Didn’t know that accordion can come in such cute colour!
How can one resist when the accordion is so colourful and so..oh, i am so liking it!

This is the new accordion that I bought for Little-D. And I bought him the black with blue and red color one!

He love it so much but the seller totally forgot to send the straps =.=”


anyway, I will be ordering some exciting accordion straps for him in few days time! Searching for a cute one to suit his new accordion!

30 November


this is really a bad day for me.

Should be a happy day but ended up with a bad day

Boys are really drive me up to the wall, been screaming from the moment I wake up and until they fall asleep

and even the dad also the same. Drive me up the wall..

What a bad bad day I had. Hope that it wont happen again next year.

Happy Birthday to me..


Sesame Street Elmo Guitar


Do you think this guitar worth the price? It only RM 80.00 and what I like is, it is so colourful and its ELMO!


Little-D will be very happy if he get this for his next birthday and I know that he been eyeing guitar for very long time! At first I even want to consider the guitar but then again, the design, he will not be too happy with it. So I think I shall wait and get this Elmo one for him instead. Suit him well :)

Kumon First Step Workbooks 12 books series


Saw these book at some place and decided that I should getting these for Little-D.
At least for him to spend time with during the long holiday starting next week. Otherwise, he will be either facing the idiot box or the ipad!
It only RM170.00 for total of 12 books! While outside are selling at RM25.00++ per book!











Another Hit Item?


Do you think people will buy spot stain remover online? If yes, then i shall starts getting the right supplier and try to get the good price.
This may be the second hit item after the one that I closed 2 days ago.

If I can get good response from this item, I will definitely go for second time and organise a group buy for my buyer.

Wish me luck!

Been Real Busy


lately. Trying to start back the group buy that been giving me more “leaves”

Been thinking quite sometimes and finally have the courage to start it back with nobody help. All by myself.

Hopefully its a good starts but i know that its will not be easy.

Lucky me that this time round, I am able to hit the MOQ will be a big headache!

Baby / Toddler Music Class


Saw a post by a few members inside a mummies group talking about sending their babies and toddlers to music classes. Their babies are as young as 6 months old! I am wondering it is too young for them to learn all these? I am in dilemma actually, on the other hand I also wanted to send my 17 months Little-D2 to music class but I am a bit skeptical as he does not seem to understand what I been saying to him and will he be paying attention or even sit there for more than 5 minutes? Hmm, doubt it!

Maybe I check out the hohner kids instruments at wwbw before I make any decision. Maybe I will send Little-D instead.