Teenager Found Dead in Drain, Murderer Updates Her Facebook Status


This is so crazy!~Just read below:

The body of 18-year-old Parhwine Lucia Mejia Kaur from Taman Baru Batu 18, Puchong was found lying face down in a drain near a football field in Jalan Tiong 7, Bandar Puchong.

Yahaya Ramli, Subang Jaya Police Chief Assistant Commissioner said a passerby found the body and called the police at 6.50pm.

Her belongings were also scattered near her body. “Initial investigations also revealed that there was a cut on the front side of her neck,” said Ramli.

Meanwhile on Facebook, someone who is suspected to be the killer, took Parhwine’s mobile phone and updated a status message saying:

“Hehe..no one cn.find me !!!! Parhwine Kaur’s murderer”.

The picture was found on Facebook, and the suspect has been actively responding to the messages made by Parhwine’s Facebook friends. If you have any further information regarding this case, do keep us in the loop.


I try to search her Facebook but did not find any result. The facebook team must have take the account down..from what the murderer replies..I think he/she is someone she knows…

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