Music Lesson


Little-D was throwing tantrum just now at the hypermarket when we do our weekly marketing as he saw the guitar toys and insist that he wanted to bring it home. =.=”

He been asking for a guitar since long time ago but I am reluctant to buy any more new toys for him since the house is like a toy junkyard and he, being a boy, will not help when its the time to clean it up! Duh! Thus, the “maid” have to do all the tiring work.

We did not buy the toy guitar for him but instead we went and bring him to register kid guitar class for him. Well since he have the interest in music, especially guitar, why not? its only about RM45.00 per lesson. 1 months 4 times just for trial. Will be using the music school guitar first just to test the water. If he is really into it, then we will get a small guitar for him at the nearby guitar center just located behind the music school.By the way there is a fender customĀ  just below the music school as well with lots of nice artist series!

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